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Musician. Composer. Accordionist.

Debut solo songs now available on all streaming platforms!


I'm so thrilled to announce that my debut solo recordings-- two original compositions  entitled "Of Cities Dreamt" & "Absolutely Charming"  are now available! You can stream them here on this site, on Spotify, & all other major streaming platforms -- + please don't forget to follow me on Spotify!

Follow me & hear my new music on Spotify!

New Mosquito Cabaret song "Showbiz Fiasco" Out Now!

MC EP Cover_ORANGE.jpg

I'm so excited to have recorded this brand new original song with my bandmates in Mosquito Cabaret at the incredible facility of  Master Sound Studios with audio engineer Rob Ulsh! Our brand new single "Showbiz Fiasco" is now available to steam on Spotify and all other streaming platforms! Hear it now! 


Photo by Matt Francis

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