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Musician. Composer. Accordionist.

In 2014, Miles joined the Fighting Jamesons and is featured on the recording of their second full-legnth album, "Every Day Above Ground". Touring all over the United States, he has appeared with the Jamesons at many Irish & Rock festivals; ranging from multiple appearances at both Shamrockfest at RFK Stadium in Washington DC, Indy Irish Fest in Indianapolis, to even as far as Get Shamrocked Fest in Murietta, California. During his time with the Fighting Jamesons, they've shared the stage and opened for World Inferno Friendship Society, Lucero, Eileen Ivers, & the Dropkick Murphys!


Miles Hoyle performing with Mosquito Cabaret.

When not playing with Fighting Jamesons- Miles does a variety of other types of performances: from private parties, Oktoberfest events, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, dinners & cocktail hours, funerals, suprises-at-the-door, & much more! Rather it's playing a rowdy Irish-Rock festival or a cocktail-hour for a wedding reception-- Miles's accordion performance can adapt to any atmosphere.

The Lazy Danger's EP Release at Charlie'
Miles Hoyle guest-performing with the Lazy Dangers.
Miles Hoyle guest-performing with the Hackensaw Boys.

Miles Hoyle is an accordionist with over 15 years of experience & specializes in folk & world music.

He performs in two bands: the Irish-rock outfit the Fighting Jamesons & in the folk/world-music group Mosquito Cabaret.


His repertoire draws from various styles and countries ranging from German, Irish, Scandinavian, French, Klezmer, & more!

Previously a guitarist in rock groups, Miles made a musical transformation in late 2006 when switching his primary instrument from guitar to the accordion. Initially self-taught, he then later became an apprentice of accordionist Sid Sward and a member of VALOV (Accordion Lovers of Virginia).


He then further cut his teeth with the instrument while street performing all over the state of Virginia-- particularly in Norfolk, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, & Alexandria while also picking up gigs at weddings, cafes, and parties.


Hoyle also performed & was the bandleader for Mosquito Cabaret from 2017 until 2023-- which was a folk/world music sextet that derived their signature sound from various European folk traditions. The cabaret performed heavily in the Hampton Roads area: bars, art events, museums-- as well as appearing at festivals such as the nor-FOLK Fest, the Hampton Block Party, Stockley Gardens Art Fest, & NEON Fest + also appearing at venues such as Elevation 27, Shaka's, The Bunker, & The Norva-- & occasionally stretched their wingspan outside of their hometown at the Richmond Capital Alehouse, the Crow & Quill in Asheville, North Carolina, & the Key City Steampunk Fest in Frederick, Maryland. Mosquito Cabaret shared the stage with the Atom Age, Maid of Ace, Agents of Good Roots, the Toasters, Agent Orange, & Bella's Bartok. You can hear Miles's accordion playing in this project on their debut album, "The Modern Life of Insects" & 4 single tracks that followed. 


Previously, Miles has done special guest-performances with Carbon Leaf & the Hackensaw Boys. He also has been a guest-performer with the Lazy Dangers, and guest-recorded for their original song, "One More Night" on their Lost Dogs EP as well as performing as a guest-organist on the Spirit Gun single, "Restless".


When COVID-19 hit, as a result of all concerts and major public gatherings having to be cancelled due to COVID-19-- Miles remained active by providing an Accordion-At-Your-Door service in the Hampton Roads area (and sometimes further!) that was both safe and COVID-19 compliant by doing small private performances for an affordable fee and showing up as a surprise to play for people at their door for whatever the occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). 

Miles is performing regularly both solo & with the Fighting Jamesons, who are working on writing and recording their third full-length album. With solo performances sprinkled in between gigs with both groups-- Miles is also currently consistently in the process of writing, recording, and releasing new music.

Previously, he performed as a special guest on organ & assisted as a producer for the arrangement of the latest Spirit Gun single called, "Restless"! Most recently, Miles teamed up with audio engineer Rob Ulsh at Master Sound Recording Studios & guest violinist Justin Stanley, as well as cellist Joshua Sierra-Delgado for his debut solo recordings-- two singles entitled, "Of Cities Dreamt" & "Absolutely Charming" now available to hear on all major streaming platforms!

Miles Hoyle performing w/the Fighting Jamesons
Miles Hoyle guest-performing with Carbon Leaf.
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